Wasabi, Wine, and Ubuntu 20

Hello all!

I have been a Wasabi user ever since I heard their first ad on SN. Right now I have their Wasabi Explorer for Cloud Storage on my Windows laptop. However, I am migrating to Linux, specifically Ubuntu 20.04. Their app only runs on Windows, and the recommendations I have found so far for a GUI based S3 file utility are lacking.

So, I have decided to try running it under Wine. It installed fine, but launching the app does nothing. Have any of you got Wasabi Explorer for Cloud Storage running under Wine? Or do you have any recommendations? Sadly, it is not a self contained PE, so launching from the command line with debugging has not been an option.

I’ve not used Wasabi, but given that Linux and Windows file systems work totally differently, I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t work.

(I’m assuming that Wasabi works by showing local and remote file systems and marking files/folders to transfer/sync? The Quickstart tutorial for the Mac certainly looks like it shows local and remote file structures.)

Edit: take a look at this Linux Today article on integrating it into Ubuntu. You don’t need the explorer.

Thank you, big_D.

I haven’t even got to that part yet. The application does not even launch. I think it is a Wine/.Net problem right now.

Still troubleshooting.

Could you please repost that Linux Today link?

Oops, sorry, forgot to paste the link in…

Edit: It should integrate it directly into the local file structure, so you don’t need the Wasabi Explorer, you just use whatever file browser you usually use under Linux and the Wasabi branch should appear automagically.

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Hmmm… I like that approach. After it is mounted to the filesystem, if GUI file management is desired, any local file management utility will work.

Thank you very much!!

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Thank you, @big_D. Worked on it last night. Some steps missing to get it to compile properly (Of course. What ever compiled on the first try?)

Runs now, but mount point issues. Since S3FS is a supported option with Wasabi, I will work with their support to see if we can troubleshoot.