Can't decide on which online backup to purchase for my dj music collection and maybe more

I am looking at Backblaze, Crashplan , or Dropbox for my music collection and maybe more. What are your recommendations ? Thanks to the Twit family once again !

Unless you are completely cost insensitive, I suspect you need to start by deciding how much data you will have to backup. The cost for 100GB is much different that the cost for 100TB. Also, is it only a backup, which you never intend to access (but may have to in case of a serious event) or is it an online store you’ll be dipping into all the time. Amazon Glacier for example is very cheap, if you never need to restore data, but is known to be relatively expensive to do restores from.

You had originally tagged this as “Hardware” which makes me think maybe you were originally thinking of getting your own backup gear. If you have a lot to back up (500GB or more) it might make sense to skip online backups, just get yourself a set of large HDDs and rotate them every so often, storing one offsite at a friend or relatives place. There are benefits to doing this, and disadvantages. The benefits are the speed with which you could recover if needed, and the possible cost savings (bandwidth not used and no ongoing storage fee.) The disadvantages are that you probably will be more involved with backups, and it won’t be set and forget.

You could do a hybrid. Get a NAS, have software automatically backup to the NAS, and have software running on the NAS to backup to cloud. If you have the money, this might be optimal in many ways, because the NAS will always be online, and will have the time to handle your backups and buffer them to the cloud while your device(s) may be offsite doing something else (like a DJ set.)