Best Free cloud backup

In past shows this year Leo talked about Free Cloud Backup. What did he say?

I think you mean SyncThing, which Steve and Leo use, it synchronises different machines, but there is no cloud element - if there was a cloud element (storage) it would cost money.

Steve uses it to sync his NAS and Drobos together between 2 different locations. You could, E.g. have one device local and another at a parents’ or child’s house. You can also sync directly between 2 PCs or PC to NAS etc.

Well Steve is using a cloud service to sync via, but it’s been having a really bad time the last couple of weeks, and has been offline during some or all of it. I think it’s

Thx, but @Leo was alone and he answered a caller question specifically mentioned a free and publicly maintained site for cloud backup. If anyone has an answer please let me know.

I don’t wish to speak for Leo and I don’t see every episode, but at one time he was recommending pCloud - File Security Made Simple | pCloud because they had a deal on a lifetime option.

All cloud services have a free tier. No cloud service I would ever recommend is free for anything more. It’s expensive to run these things and if they’re not charging you they’re up to no good.

Megadownloads for example is not a service I would recommend.

But Synthing is free. And highly recommended. It’s not a cloud service - but you won’t need one if you have enough machines using it.

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What is a low cost cloud backup for personal use with a low backup gigs.

I use as one of my cloud storage providers. Don’t have any problems with them. 150GB free and then $4 per TB after that.

I used to use Carbonate on windows and Mac (advertise on TWiT for a long time), but it stopped working on my daughters MacBook. I switched that to Backblaze, which was good.

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