Video Doorbell Visitor Behaviour

I purchased a Ring Video Doorbell in 2016. I am sure I was introduced to Ring as a TWIT sponsor.

Overall I am pleased with the Ring Doorbell. One thing that I have noticed is that less and less visitors use the video doorbell and choose to knock the door instead. (Visitors that are not friends/family this applies to).

My thoughts are that people do not want to be recorded on the video doorbell and so choose to knock instead. But I have my video doorbell set up to record on movement so the visitor is being recorded anyway. So when I view the video I see visitors coming towards the door and looking at the doorbell but they then choose not to use it and knock

Visitors used to use it more but maybe they did not understand that a camera was present. As time has moved on I expect more people to be aware of video doorbells and so are more cautious.

If you have a video doorbell have you noticed this pattern of behaviour?

No, I hadn’t seen that sort of behavior.

When someone knocks, ask why they didn’t ring the doorbell.

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Yes I have seen this, always with door to door people I wouldn’t answer the door for anyway. Not sure why people think this way… Maybe they think they don’t work well because so few people answer the door for them, when in fact they work fine and people are just avoiding them…

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