Nest & Ring Cameras controlled by a single App?

Hi - I have quite a few Ring and Nest cameras and doorbells. I thought I heard Stacey Higginbotham mention a future product that can manage them both (this was a month or so back at least), but I cannot find anything with Google searches.

Anybody know anything about this?


I’ll ask Stacey to join the community next time she’s on TWiG. She really is needed here!

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What do you need it to do? I have multiple cameras (Wyze) and a Ring Doorbell in Home Assistant along with all my other smart home devices.

Interesting - I shall have to give that a shot. Does it give video feed from cameras and doorbells?


The integration only allows the last video to be shown, my understanding is it’s a limitation on Rings end. You can see the integration Instructions here. If you need any help, feel free to PM me.

Well, there went my afternoon :slight_smile:

Finally got the darn thing up and running in ESXi, but have to do home stuff now so will probably get back to it tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up - I was not aware of this project.

Hopefully I can get all my Wemo/Ring/Nest stuff working.