TTG 1921 for Saturday 27 August 2022

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Just listened to the clip on YouTube about subscription-less video doorbells and wanted to suggest another one. Amazon’s Blink has a $50 video doorbell, and while they offer subscriptions, you can connect a USB drive to their sync module and have local storage you can access anywhere. The doorbell doesn’t come with the sync module so that is an extra cost either through getting the sync module by itself or a camera with one in the box, but since I bought a two pack of cameras for the sides of my house, it was in the box. Again, it’s Amazon so there may be some security concerns, and that cheap price equals a cheap app interface that is no where near as slick as Ring’s, but it gets the job done, it stores my recordings, and I pay nothing monthly for it (besides all the other data Amazon has on me). Unless I’m missing some drastic security issue like Waze, I’ve been pleased enough with them considering the cost.

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