Any renters that have video doorbell?

I’m a renter that’s been wanting to get a video doorbell. I’ve seen ones that take batteries. But I hear there’s lots of lag on those.

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Leo was talking about this recently on The Tech Guy (1/4 maybe?). I don’t know if it’s all brands/models, but because battery operated cameras are not constantly streaming an image (versus wired versions) delay occurs as the camera ‘wakes up’.

I experience the ‘lag’ on my battery operated Arlo cameras…it takes ~10 seconds for the feed to go live once I open the app (on wi-fi).


I waiting for the beta Ubiquiti UniFi video doorbell. By operating with striker locks, I would feel better too.


I have both battery and mains-powered cameras here (Ring). My doorbell is a first-gen battery one.

It does take a couple of seconds to wake up from sleep if you go into live view. However if someone has pressed the bell, it’s woken up anyway (prob when it detected the movement) so connects with no issues. The mains-powered cams are consistently quick.

Something I have noticed is the app on the iPhone seem less reliable connecting than the one on my Android, not sure why that would be.


Thanks everyone. Sorry for late response. I’m leaning more towards the Google Nest, Ring is still up for consideration.


I love my Arlo Pros instead of a doorbell camera. They are battery operated and wireless. And, I have several in the front.

As soon as motion happens, I get instant notification on my phone. I can either wait for the video to be complete, and uploaded to the server. so I can view it on the app…

Or, I can immediately take a live view and see who it is.

Now, the feature to talk thru the camera does not work unless you are inside and on the same wifi system. If I try from work, whatever I saw is garbled and delayed. So, I do not rely on that feature,

But, as a probation officer, I wanna know if anyone is actually at my back or front door. I never get packages at home, so no one should be there… And, if something is up, I could call the police myself.