Becky Worley warns about RING Doorbell Hackers

Here is a link to the ABC news report.

Maybe this will educate people not to put cameras in their bedrooms?

Bet you $10 they used the same email/username/password on virtually every site they visited and also on their Ring account, some random site got hacked and then those credentials get tried everywhere. Probably don’t have MFA turned on either (not sure if Ring has this feature or not).


Yea Lisa told Leo…NO CAMERAS in the bedroom. (wonder why?) He says all he does is buy stuff on the internet ?

Will someone please tell this Level -1 how to set up a second router and explain to my landlord why it is necessary. Is it as easy as running a Ethernet cable between the two devices?

This seems to be a growing problem, before this post just recently saw a Dr. Phil episode where peoples cameras were hacked. He had Kevin Mitnick on for advice on protecting yourself who runs his own security company. Also I saw a local news story were some ones camera was hacked also in our area. Don’t remember if these cameras were all Ring brand though?

This same footage was used on a Florida local news channel this week. Also here.

Yup. So hard to convince people to take passwords seriously. On these news reports, why don’t they ask the people giving these vids to the press ‘and why did you decide to use the same password on your gmail for your bank and the home security camera you installed in your daughter’s bedroom??’. And yes, Ring has 2FA so enable that. SMS-based, though, so not the best.

Can happen on any brand of camera, guess Ring are the most widely used.

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With all the high quality password managers available for free there is really no excuse for it anymore. It’s an education thing I guess.

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I was listening to satellite radio as I drove back from San Antonio at 2am last night. There was a segment about this - and yes, it was recommended to make a better password and turn on 2 factor

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