Switching away from G Suite?

Given the concerns about Google and privacy; I am looking to switch away from G Suite for hosting email for my domain. I have found several options for email systems which support 2FA, but the ones I’ve seen do not give me calendar support which is fine because I can use Google or Microsoft’s free offering, but the point is that I’m deliberately trying to go with a solution which is not big two. Can you recommend anything or should I go ahead and use Exchange online?

You should look at http://protonmail.com. They are adding calendar support soon. I’ve been a paid subscriber with them for a couple of years now. I don’t use my Outlook.com or Gmail.com accounts for email anymore.

Decoded upon mailbox.org

Proton would be the recommended alternative, only because of its open nature. The only issue is data security. Microsoft does give you the option of region / data requirements even if you are not a business.

It would still be difficult to recommend anything other than what’s out there based on feature sets.