Useless Poll of the Day - 10-24-19 - Phone Case

Do you use a case for your cell phone, or are you a risk taker?

What case do you use?

  • Yes, I use a case for my phone
  • No, I do not use a case for my phone
  • I like to use my phone while I eat pie

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Let it breathe baby. Seriously though, smart phones are too beautiful in this day and age to hide behind a case.

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as a person who has sweaty hands, always a case for me.

too many times a phone has slipped from my fingers. broke two phones.

Wallet cases are the best! you get one less thing in your pockets and you are forced to pare down your wallet. But not all wallet cases have enough room to be a proper replacement. You need 3-5 slots for cards/id and a place for a random cash or receipts or tickets, etc.

I use a very slim case from Totalee

I drop my phone all the time - so, I have to have a case. I used to do it 2-3x a day. I even broke a case last year - and had to buy another. Phone was okay, though.

When I bought my Samsung S8, I got an Otterbox Commutter. I also bought a Pop Socket. That pop socket is a miracle. It is something else to hold on to. I now drop my phone 1-2x a month. HUGE difference from 2-3x a day

No case - my phone would not make it 1 or 2 days


I agree I hate cases…

…but I still use one. But I don’t like it!
Spigen seems to make pretty great cases, they are usually my go to.

I use an Otterbox for my Galaxy Note 3.

I use a LifeProof case on my pixel2 xl. As someone that works construction in all weather conditions it has saved me many times for destroying phones.

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I have like 5 photo ID’s, 4 CC and a little cash. I don’t think I could use a wallet case.

I really like having a phone with no case, it’s so much sexier IMO.

I have the same things in my wallet case, about 7 cards and cash. Here is my phone case, but I cut that little flap off.

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I’m a big fan of the Carved cases.

I have a transparent case on my iPhone XS. Corners have little shock bubbles which have saved my phone a few times. The greatest thing is that it smooths out the camera bump.

I’d always get a thin transparent case like this. A pet peeve of mine are cases that simply have cut-outs for the buttons.

With a $1000+ USD phone there’s no way I’d use it naked. My iPhone 11 Pro Max is in the Apple Black Leather Folio. An added plus is that I no longer need a wallet.

Total klutz here…an Otter Box is a necessity.

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My company phone, no case.

My private phone, the supplied silicone slip case most of the time, because I have an Aukey disc in the back to attach it to the holder in my car and I don’t want to stick the disc directly to the phone.