Otter+Pop phone cases

Was watching TWiT 753 this week when the discussion went to cases with integrated stands and holders. Long story short Padre brought a little gadget with a pop out stand and finger holder. Someone brought up the Pop sockets which are very popular! One of the issues Padre brought up was the pop sockets stick out and are hard to slip in your pocket because of that. Otterbox has come up with a solution…a line of cases called Otter+Pop which have an indent where the pop socket attaches so the pop socket doesn’t stick out and it slips in and out of the pocket smoothly. I have several of these and swear by them! I have them for my iPhone XR, XS MAX AND 11Pro Max! They make them for many models and companies!

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Yep, have seen them, but can you Wireless charge?

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Yes, I charge wirelessly, I love these cases!!

From the link I posted:
Works with Qi wireless charging

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I would love to have an Otter box case, but they lack the one feature I really have to have: a lanyard attachment point. I have a slash resistant wrist lanyard, to go with a case with an attachment point, which I bought for when I was in crowded touristy areas. Over the 17 months I have been traveling it has saved me from dropping my phone so many times, that I use it all the time. A rugged case with a pop-socket and a lanyard attachment point would be my dream case.

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I’m so excited to show you this!!!
I’ve tried some of the lanyards that have the rubber thing that wraps around the phone. Yuck! Never felt secure.
Then I ran across this. When I first saw it I did a palm-to-forehead slap. Doh!!! Works great with my iPhone 11 Pro Max and Otterbox cover.
Nite Ize makes some really cool gadgets.


That is interesting.

I have an Otterbox with a Pop Socket. The Pop socket is there for something extra to hold on to so I do not drop mynphone. I do not even pop it out. The little it sticks out is good enough.

I went from dropping my phone 3x a day to 1x per month.

So, I like that it sticks out, personally.

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I wish I could give you more hearts. I am not even going to be getting new phone, nor case for a year or two, but I put this in my Amazon cart, and will buy it with my next order, so I will have it when I do. I have bought a lot of products from Niteize, but had never seen this one. It will work with my current wrist strap. Thanks!


That’s pretty cool also for lanyard folks