Really red saturated shows

Lately my Twit shows are super red saturated.
Nothing has changed on my side
Anyone else?
The picture does not do it justice its REALLY red

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Thats pretty red! I watched TWiCH yesterday on the live stream and all looked normal to me. Also just downloaded the latest TNW and also looked OK. Do you have any other devices to test with?

Ill check on my other TV and get back to you

Has been consistently OK on my iPad so far.

In fact the image I attached is a bit more saturated than what I’m seeing in reality.

Have you got your TV in vivid or dynamic mode or something like that? My 2015 Samsung TV will really amp up colours if I select dynamic picture mode or Sports mode. I usually use movie mode to keep the colours more natural looking.

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Nope didn’t change anything

Sorry it might be you. I have had no problem on my Mac or iPad…sorry

Pretty sure it’s just you… certainly not seeing it here. Is it ONLY TWiT where you have the issue or is it all content. How do you feed TWiT into the TV? Are you using a device? Try reseating the device or its HDMI connection. Sometimes a loose HDMI connection can cause weirdness like that. (More usually causes random static, but these things happen.) It could be that your TV has decided you need a new TV for Christmas.

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You are watching the “Christmas Edition!” That’s why :smiley:

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Just the Twit network

So here is the problem
Its the YouTube app on my Samsung TV lol
Tried my fire tv stick and Jason looks fine
Thanks guys for the feedback!
Weird and wacky stuff that Google company!