Anybody else using Google TV Chromecast for Twit videos and seeing an issue on YouTube?

I have an odd problem that I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing. I have the new Chromecast with Google TV.

I, of course, love watching Twit TV. I subscribe on YouTube. But if I play anything from Twit TV channel on YouTube, I get a line across the middle and the video is jumpy.

If instead I cast it from the website, it looks fine.

Any ideas? See my comparison here for what I’m seeing.

Does it only have this problem playing TWiT videos from YouTube, or any video from YouTube? My guess is you have had some sort of bugged install or corrupted cache for the YouTube app. Maybe just delete it and any of its cached data and reinstall it.

I watch on my Apple TV with YouTube and have seen no issues.

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Yeah I should have been clearer.

This is a problem I’m seeing specifically with my Chromecast with Google TV. Works fine on my Roku and on my laptop and phone.

I have no idea how it works on Apple TV as I do not have one of those.

Only with haven’t seen this problem with any other videos on YouTube.

Have you tried restarting it?

Same here, no issues with ATV

What if you force it to a specific resolution? Do you still have the issue?

Yup. That fixes it. I guess my tv is a bit old and small for some of the newer content. Once I set the YouTube quality to 480p everything looks fine. This is only a 27-in TV, about 12 years old, so I really don’t need any higher than that for most content.

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