TWiT biz model is THE model

Just listened to The Changelog 10 years anniversary podcast, and they mentioned that they were inspired by @Leo and the TWiT podcast business model in finding partnership and sponsorship, so as to be able to make their operation sustainable and thrive.
I am sure many would agree that TWiT as led by @Leo is one of the pioneers, if not THE pioneer that made podcast what it is today. :clap::clap::clap::grin::grin::grin:


Weโ€™re pretty happy with how itโ€™s worked out, but I canโ€™t claim any grand vision. TWiT just grew organically. Although Iโ€™ll give a lot of credit to the community. By listening to our audience weโ€™ve grown in a way that serves them. Itโ€™s a virtuous feedback loop.


Leo, youโ€™ve done something with TWIT that a lot of others canโ€™t claim, and the community canโ€™t take all of the credit. You found a way to build a Podcast network, provide quality content, and be profitable enough to make a business out of it. I donโ€™t think there are as many networks out there that can claim that.