Interest in show on How to PodCast?

Hi everyone

The past few TWiT, TWiG, and Tech Guy shows, the discussion every once in a while lightly touched on the subject of podcasting, how the media evolved in this segment. While TWiT’s main subject is tech, it’s true core competency is producing radio and podcast content.

I wonder whether anyone would be interested to listen to a show where Leo might share one or another podcasting tip or trick? I’d certainly be subscribing since I’d love to use podcasting more professionally but have learned that there’s much more to it than simply getting a microphone and a place to host it. The magic appears to be in the production process and moderation. Don’t know anything about that and would be very interested to learn from Leo and the TWiT team.


It certainly seems like something @Leo could make into a Hands-On episode or series.

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Count me as interested! Always fun to see “how the sausage is made” in any industry. Except maybe the meat industry.

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