TWIT 802: The OG's in Review, or "dont we gte grandfathered in?"

Nice show. Good perspectives and insight on what has been a year far from what was on most of our radars, a year ago.
Covid obviously, but also FB, Quibi, the M1, Elon, philanthropy, and now the solar wind hack. I didnt know that CRAIG NEWMARK was the founder of Craigs List! Leo was very eloquent thanked everyone who has helped keep TWIT ion the air, during these trying times.

I still dont have Leo’s love of things that are sleek and new and shiny.
I like things that have stood the test of time…and just keep on working . Nothing fancy, it just works. Like my 2011 macbook pro. Like the DC-9’s I used to fly. Like the guys on the panel.
I dont shun new technology at all, I just dont get all excited.

Hoping 2021 is a better year for everyone. Best Wishes and Holidays to everyone.

beth marshall

ps. LEO…Despite my criticism at times, I really do appreciate the TWIT network …you knowledge, your craziness, sense of humor, and honest thankfulness of for the people who make TWIT possible,