TWIT 956: A Giant Rolling Brick

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Regarding using Q for AI names, I just get visions of John De Lancie trying to troll me! :rofl: :rofl:

And to the Cybertruck, after around 5 years, nobody in the design or regulations departments bothered to mention that the truck will not be road legal in most parts of the world.

Its design is atrocious. No crumple zones and it fails all pedestrian and other road user safety tests…


Wow. Hearing about Abrar’s reasons for changing from Android to iPhone is very disheartening. It legitimizes the bullying and social pressure exerted by people, especially kids, on each other.

I get the convenience issues, but no one should be made to feel excluded or shunned or ostracized because of their tech platform.


Allow me to remind you how many years it was going to be “The Year of Desktop Linux” :wink:


Point taken. :slight_smile:

These large electric SUVs/trucks also can’t be driven on a standard driving licence here if over 3.5 tonnes. There was a footballer bought himself an electric Hummer, then realised he needed to take a cat C lorry driving test to use it


There is no limit on the number of Spotify playlists you can have, just the number of songs per playlists.