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NFC key cards: I used to use my Yubikey NFC as a replacement for my MIFARE door card at a previous place I worked.

Pay cheques: I have never had a pay cheque in my life. When I was working part time as a student, I got a pay packet, with cash in it. Once I started working full time in the mid 80s, my salary was paid directly into my bank account.

That is the same today. Since I moved to Germany in 2002, I have not even had a cheque book, everything is online transfers.

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About trucks passing trucks. It was said many trucks are limited to the speed limit. Not so’ at this writing. Final rules have not yet come down from the DOT on what the settings must be. So you have the case where Co “A” sets at speed limit. Co “B” sets at SL +2. Co “C” at SL +4. Etc. So now you have drivers trying to pass with a small differential, sometimes taking 5 miles to complete the pass. Then the four wheelers go by with fingers flying.

Automation in cars is a mixed bag for me. Radar cruise is pretty good, especially in rush hour motorway traffic. Although as @Leo mentioned, people continuously cut into the gap the car leaves so you feel like you’re going backwards sometimes :slightly_smiling_face: Mine does have 3 options for how much gap to leave.

Lane-keeping doesn’t work as it sees road imperfections, thinks it’s a line and tries to follow it.

With our narrow roads where you have to navigate parked cars and squeeze through gaps, collision avoidance can trigger for no reason and stops the car, giving the people behind a brake test.

So I turn most of it off.

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Heaven help them if we ever manage to invent holographic projection … I would soon become illegal, but imagine how much fun it would be to cause idiot drivers to swerve into the ditch to avoid holographs :smiley:

Fascinating. Not one paper check/cheque

No, never. It has always been paid directly into the account by the employer, usually on the last working day of the month. This is great, I can’t forget to go to the bank to pay in the cheque or get delayed and it isn’t there on time.

Then, on the first working day of the month, most of the bills and the mortgage payment are automatically debited from my account. With a pay cheque, the money would never have been cleared into the account by the time the money for the bills goes out (direct debit mandates, mostly).

(A few of the bills are later in the month, but most of them go out on the first working day.)

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Yeah direct deposit was a game changer for me. I remember thinking It was magical. :smile:

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