TWIT 951: Cali Sober

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The biggest problem with fully automated driving is that it is a much simpler problem to solve, if there are no humans driving vehicles on the road and all pedestrians follow the rules about crossing on crosswalks only.

All the time we have humans in the mix, the problem is too hard to solve with enough accuracy and consistency - ignoring things like the lane assist of most cars I’ve driven trying to follow tar-strips from road repairs into concrete dividers or down grassy banks…

Free speech for children: @Leo and the guests were talking about not allowing children onto Facebook & Co. to be not allowing them free speech. How did kids excercise free speech before social media? Is restricting their use of an addictive platform really removing their right to free speech? Meta is just one platform, where they can communicate. As far as I can see, it is not restricting their right to free speech, just restricting which platforms they can use to communicate with each other on…

Big Tech and Regulation: People keep going on about how the government shouldn’t regulate and the market will regulate itself, but the last 40 years have shown time and again that this just isn’t the case, IBM, Microsoft, now Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple and, again Microsoft, have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted to regulate themselves. If they have proven that they can’t regulate themselves, what is left, other than governments around the world to step in and reign them in?

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Skyline Cincinnati Chili is terrible stuff if you love Chili. On the other hand if you love spaghetti with lots of sauce options its for you. Greek migrants in the 1920’s tried to add it to their restaurant menus with little success until they started calling it Chili. Then it took off. My former wife made the kind of chili you could eat by the bowl. Wendy’s Chili comes the closest.

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I’ve only gotten through the full self driving segment today. I think Leo missed a title - this show should be “I for one welcome our robot overload drivers.” Larry comments that airplanes successfully avoid crashing into each other. As a private pilot, I can say that airplanes benefit from the “Big sky theory.” Generally, there is a very limited number of things to run into in the sky, and the cost of even a modest Cessna 172 is an order of magnitude more than a car. Cars not only have to deal with other cars, but also pedestrians, weather, construction, and wild animals if you live outside the confines of a major city. Deer steadfastly refuse to limit their road crossing locations to the spots marked by the DEER XING sings.
I dont think full self driving is impossible, but I think its a lot further off than the tech companies keep telling us, and I think “driver assistance” features like lane sense and adaptive cruise control encourage drivers to place their attention somewhere other than on the road. These systems work great until they stop working, and then the driver has to figure out what is going wrong on short notice. If you are driving a car, just focus on driving.

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That’s why I avoided it when my family visited Cincinnati last year. This weekend I made my favorite chili recipe, which includes pumpkin, cinnamon, and beer.