TWIG 664: Slothtoberfest

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Shoshanna was absolutely delightful. Please have her back. She’d be great for TWiT too.


Shoshana really challenges my ability to tell sarcasm apart from not-sarcasm! That’s not a complaint though, she’s delightful.

Maybe that YouTube highlight thing will help us out when we’re looking up a simple how-to and can only find videos that are 8+ minutes long with a 40-second channel intro and a 3-minute update on the uploader’s life and merch before they get to the content.

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For more information than you can stand about Hit Clips, check out the video from Tech Moan:

Also wanted to mention that Jollibee is from The Philippines.

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Shoshanna is a hot ticket :slight_smile:

Too bad nobody could provide any guidance on the Google Workspace fiasco for personal accounts and small small business. The website is a mess. There is no way I can find to ask questions. If you do things in the wrong order you lock yourself into paying for users that are not active. Or to make changes if you may have made an error when signing up. How about getting someone from Google on the show rather than regurgitating a press release or a web article that regurgitates the stuff from Google. This has to affect a fair number of listeners.