TWIT 870: Kim Apple Says Good Morning

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Elon Musk can’t be President. He was not born in the US.


Another great show. Interesting to see Doc Rock slowly turn into Jim Dalrymple :grin:

Annoying to see Microsoft really drop the ball on Hololens, even just from an enterprise standpoint. I’ve seen some very cool implementations of Hololens in the mining industry.

Once (if) Apple get into the picture, it will be interesting to see if they can move the needle on AR from a consumer standpoint.

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Wow Mike loves to talk……
I want more DocRoc!!

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Shocked to hear the iJustine was in hospital. I hope she makes a quick recovery from this incident and that they can get her condition under control.

I first saw her on TWiT doing an iPhone or iMac launch, where she was in an Apple Store, reporting live.

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Everyone listens at 1.5x speed? I never do that, but Overcast has a “smart speed” feature that removes silence and I can’t live without it. It’s got its work cut out for it during “Security Now” :joy:

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I always listen at 1.5x even my German podcasts now. I think, if you can listen to a foreign language podcast at 1.5x and still understand it, you probably have a fairly good understanding of the language :smiley: