TWIT 873: A Little Patience and a Lot of Tape

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Great stuff from Corey on Musk and Twitter.

Edit: regarding streaming services, we tried Amazon Prime Music and Spotify, but we didn’t find them very intuitive. We have ended up with Apple Music.

It isn’t ideal, but it was the easiest to use.

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Remove your home address from Google, but make it available to the Galaxy!

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IMO the business case for Twitter is not that different than Tesla. Elon likes to brag about Tesla being the most automated manufacturer on the planet. Twitter can be the most efficiently run social platform on the planet.

The move for Twitter is to declare that it is a mature platform, and conduct a mass layoff. The most obvious place for corporate raiders to cut, since the dawn of the leveraged buyout: Research & Development. Twitter spent $1.2 billion on R&D in 2021, including $382 million in stock grants to Twitter R&D employees.

I wager they could cut R&D to $100 million a year, or even $50 million a year and do just fine. Note: I’m assuming the operations expenses for running Twitter are in a different line item than R&D. If that’s no the case, then expect a smaller layoff.

If that’s the plan, then Twitter employee resignations that have been rumored would make Elon’s life a lot easier. No severance and the headline numbers (e.g. “Twitter lays off 1200 after Musk buyout”) get smaller.