TWIT 913: Impractical Shorts

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Love the show, possibly the least biased of the US podcasts for tech. Found the bit about Verge vs CNET hilarious, particularly given Verges rabid support of anything Apple

Keep up the good work

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Wil saying the Crown Estate doesn’t pay tax is not quite the full story. Yes, they are tax-exempt, but ALL of the profit goes directly to the treasury. £313M last year. The King has little involvement with it.

The Sovereign Grant is then paid back to the monarch to fund their official duties. £86M in 2022.

So you could say Elon owes the UK taxpayer his rent money.


A great show, and it’s always a joy to hear Denise Howell. Really miss me my TWIL


I miss it as well, although being in Europe, I often wished they would get international lawyers in and discuss some of the big topics of the day, like GDPR, Snoopers Charter, RIPA etc.


Know of any we could have in the rolodex?