TWIT 857: New World Disorder

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Haven’t listened to the show yet, but Amy Webb and Fr. Robert are a great combination for guests. Can’t wait to fire up the episode and listen.


Hugely grateful for this episode and its range of points of perspectives. Thanks to Amy Webb for suggesting this episode and Father Robert for his participation and contribution. I love content that challenges my deeply held beliefs. Many people I admire say to grow you must be challenged, unsettled and uncertain. Thank you. Thank you.


this episode. ((applause))
WOW. The different perspectives were great. The “faith cookie” portion was interesting.


Leo, Sooner or later you are going to have to address the fact that padre belongs to an organization that still, 2022!!! does not allow women in any leadership role.

I think perhaps we can evaluate Fr. Robert’s participation by his knowledge and expertise in technology. Unless we’re prepared to apply this standard to other guests - like those in Venture Capital firms, where their treatment of women is generally known to be horrible - in which case, I daresay we’ll find a sudden lack of guests who meet the bar.


Do VC firms have a policy that no women can be in leadership roles?

Not openly, any more then they would have racist or anti-LGBT policies written down. Old Boy or Investor/Crypto Bro culture does not have written policies about their back room dealings … but that doesn’t mean those policies aren’t clearly evident in the results. I direct you to #OscarsSoWhite and similar movements for how these entrenched policies continue to exist even when there is apparent pressure to end them.

In any case, THIS forum is not the forum to grind any axes against the church or other organizations one might be upset by… as technology can be used by everyone, including people we disagree with, we’ll stick to conversation about the technology and hopefully avoid the divisiveness that can develop when we stray into politics.


Great show. What a thought provoker. And join you in the absolute terror of what may come down the road.

A recommendation to read or listen to The Expanse. The show is great, but you really don’t get the in-depth insight to the proto-molecule concept. Also, there are at least 3 more books and several novellas that are not included in the show. Listening on Audible will fill your life for several months. And I find trying to read the closed captions distracts from the great action of the show.


No, but VCs are not allowed to marry, I believe.

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I think you mean “VCs are allowed to marry.”

Which is true, but keep in mind that those going into the priesthood are not forced to do so. There is a period of discernment during which they consider the obligations and responsibilities under which they will be placed. It’s not like it comes as a surprise.

@PadreSJ, of course, has a far better understanding of all of this than I do.