TWIT 821: Bring in the Privacy Pod

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The unmitigated gall of an executive at a billion dollar company calling Bitcoin ‘disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization’ while unashamedly sitting at a desk promoting a bevy of unhealthy sugary food.

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I am surprised to hear you call Netflix old fashioned for making their own content @Leo, considering you just launched your own platform to free yourself from the limits and control of YouTube.

Another channel I watch just came back after a 1 week ban for mysterious reasons that they can’t get a straight answer about. And yet another launched a service like Club TWiT so they can produce videos that they don’t have to edit to fit the YouTube algorithm.

I think YouTube is about to become like Yahoo! if they keep forcing content producers to diversify into their own paying platform without the annoying lack of customer care.

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Regarding Basecamp, again, this sounds like Big Tech or Silicon Valley is finally growing up and moving into the real business world.

Every company I’ve ever worked at (1982 onwards) has had policies in place, that there is no political (or religious) discussion “on the clock”. Yes, you can mention that you are going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, or that you are observing Ramadan and therefore cannot participate in a meal, or you have special dietary requirements etc. But active discussion of politics (who you vote for, what the party stands for) or religion were taboo. No disparagement of others etc.

To be clear, where I worked (UK and Germany), racism was never a political topic, racism is racism and has no party, it is wrong and anyone being openly racists was reported to line management or HR. The same with sexism, anti-semitism and various other isms.

Certainly, company communication channels were for work related topics and their use for private communications was not allowed. You want to talk about politics? Don’t clog up the company email system, go with your friends to the pub after work.


Good follow up piece by Casey Newton on the Basecamp disaster I think it might actually be worse than I thought. These guys just really mishandled stuff every step of the way.

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Yes, the whole disbanding of the ethics committee and suppression is not good. There should be clear ways of reporting abusive behaviour without retaliation. How they handled the whole situation is also unacceptable. The meeting on Friday seems like a complete disgrace.

But the general jist of no political or religious discussion at work is something that I have grown up with.

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