TWIG 705: I Was Merely Fluffing

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In reply to @Leo ‘s comment on, “we aren’t talking about individuals stealing stuff, but companies…”

Yeah, companies stealing stuff, explicitly privacy and our information.

This is one of the biggest things that US companies are rubbing afoul of around the world. Elsewhere the governments have decided that the consumer has a right to their data and companies can only use that data within tight confines, such as the data can only be used for the reason you declared you were collecting it - if you collect data for the warranty, you cannot use that information for marketing, without going back and getting permission to do so. Likewise, you cannot sell that information to third parties, without the explicit permission, in writing of those you have collected it from.

And you can’t refuse someone service, if they don’t agree to you using or selling their information.

Just heard the German dubbing, it was very painful to listen to, the words might be German, but the pronunciation is absolutely appalling, it sounds like someone reading words off a screen without any clue how they should sound! Leo could probably do a better job just reading German words of a screen…


This TikTok/China segment is going to get Leo into a lot of trouble.

It seems hilarious that everyone is getting twisted about TikTok when the US has Google, where famously the users are ‘the product’. You only have to ask for the information they hold about their users, and yes, you can switch off tracking, but honestly, how many people know, let alone bother?


Preach it, Paul. :fist_right:t5:

I stand by my defense of TikTok - I still think it’s a paper tiger to distract from the very real privacy invasions of unregulated US-based data brokers. If China wants the info that badly, they can just buy it from the data brokers.


Hey Leo, I would also say Cisco tracks more stuff on their infrastructure and collects more data Huawei, and they have back doors for the US government!

I agree. While I don’t use TikTok, I am pretty sure China can get much more info about us than TikTok could ever provide. Our government has much more important thing to worry about than this .

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