TWIG 646: The Opposite of Long Covid

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Oh dear. I do like Pixels, but what a mess with the 6. @ant_pruitt seems sure it’s software, but both my Samsungs (Tab S7 and S20) now have Android 12 and they are fine. Bluetooth is solid, phone calls work, back button is OK.

I’m also very pleased Samsung has ignored the Google UI. It all looks like normal Android, no big buttons and stuff :+1:t2:


Yeah i’m not a fan of the UI. Seems too much like iOS to me. And I continue to get random crashes along with the other stuff I mentioned. uuuuugh. THX for listening to the show :fist_right:t5:


I know you’re technically not a fan of Samsung and their OneUI addition to stock Android. However, I have read in some forums that in this iteration (Android 12 / OneUI 4.0), Samsung is said to have overtaken Android on their own UI game. It seems that they omitted the most painful changes in stock Android, dropped the most clumsy Samsung self-developments and, all in all, developed a blend that punches above this stock Android version’s weight.

I cannot tell the difference between stock 12 and OneUI 4.0 since I a) don’t use stock Android and b) can just compare OneUI 4.0 to 3.0 but that’s actually gotten better (less idiosyncrasies).

Not trying to convert, just to foster keeping an open mind. Even though, if you just got the new phone, the best way might just to get used to the quirks… :man_shrugging:

Very pleasant show, guys, as always. I’ve even come down from my palm tree from last week. Sorry for getting overly agitated with the subject. Maybe it was a late response to the booster shot.


Agreed @carbonga. For years I’ve always wanted ‘pure’ Android and used Pixels and OnePlus phones, but last year tried a Samsung as it was cheap and the Pixel 5 didn’t do it for me.

Turns out, I like One UI, they are great with updates and seem to have delivered a usable Android 12.

Pixel vs. S20 Android 12…


I agree. Samsung UI has definitely improved


Some friends here are saying the Pixel 6 update with all the fixes has now been rolled out, so hopefully sorted :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Yeah I applied it last night. We’ll see how it goes

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I’ve been running with Samsung from Android 11 to 12 and here are the main Ui differences I see day to day:
– Rounded edges everywhere
– The green dot to indicate the camera is being used
– the charging status ring

All other changes are minor to my phone experience day to day.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that the problems are in hardware. My Pixel 6 Pro has worked mostly flawlessly. I don’t have the random reboots many report, call signal is fine, and the fingerprint reader is fast. I think Google’s biggest problem this go round is hardware QC. Who made this phone for them?

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Looks to be made in China, but not sure which company. I would assume the same company used for the pixel 5 which is foxcon… Seems difficult to find this information for the 6.

I believe in reddit there are reports of people having issues with Android 12 on older pixels… But not sure how reliable that source is. My spouse has not been having any issues with her pixel 6 pro either. She also has yet to recieve the January update.

It would be interesting to know the percentage base that has issues, might just be a case where the minority of people having issues are the loudest.

Likewise for me. I have had zero real complaints. I mean I have a very occasional app lockup here or there, but I just assume that’s usual bugs, not something endemic to the hardware/OS.

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