TWIG 626: Clowns, Mimes, and Robots

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The masks were brought in early over here (March, April 2020). There weren’t enough to go around, so everybody was making their own cloth masks. My wife made a couple of dozen, so we had at least one new mask for each day of the week.

Later, once supplies of masks for the medical profession were available, we weren’t allowed to use the home made masks any more, we had to use surgical masks or PPE2, then, at the height of the 2nd wave, it was PPE2 only.

We are back down to surgical masks and PPE2 again.

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It is interesting that Google Meet now notices if there is an echo and warns the user… We’ve been using Teams for over a year now, and if it notices an echo, it automatically cancels it out, I always use hands-free, or rather headset free, mode with Teams, when in a conference.

Nobody ever moans about echo, just that the microphone on my camera (Logitech C920e) picks up when I move my chair (I have a tiled floor).

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You weren’t allowed to use the cloth masks because they’re not as effective?

There are people here in the US using the even thinner neck gaiters


I think, because of things like neck gaiters and the variable quality and thickness of the masks. Some masks, made from robust material (ours used old, thick cotton duvet cases and were fairly thick) were probably effective, but those masks made using very thin material were probably not up to scratch.

As the medical and PPE2 masks have to carry a testing seal (on the packaging) in Germany, it is known that they have been tested to be effective. Home made masks, by definition, haven’t been independently tested.

Not to forget all those chums of the politicians who got mask contracts - although a couple of politicians had to resign or lost their cabinet or party leadership positions. In the UK it was even worse, there they made billions off the back of masks, but none of the cabinet had to resign over it. When I was growing up, if they’d been caught doing that, or lying to parliament afterwards, they would have been out on their ears.