TWIG 592: Hats on Sticks

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I have 2 Reolink security cameras that have built-in servers for viewing video with my browser on the network. They use Flash for displaying video. The firmware has never had an update and is very unlikely to. They are still selling the camera today, presumably with the Flash built-in still. I have other means of getting video from the camera that is not as convenient, but I’m sure there are people out there with devices like this that may have no other way to use their device. So it’s not just websites on the internet that will be affected by the loss of Flash.

I have also personally worked on developing some embedded products with built-in servers over the past decade and we chose not to use Flash. Not sure why anybody developing a product would build Flash into the product in the last several years.

I think @Leo is correct, Facebook is just nefarious. I don’t look down on people who use it, I don’t even generally ask whether people use it or not. I just ban it from my networks and leave it at that.


The Hats on Sticks TWIG episode discussion was fascinating. Thanks for a terrific episode.


THX for hopping into the forums and for checking out our show :blush:


I would love to have one of the robots and the robot dog :+1:

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