TWIT 758: Facemasks and Fear

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“This week in Karsten”, again. I stopped listining 30min in. Please fix!

I said this before: Karsten’s not introduced to the audience, he’s not part of the panel, he interrupts people, he’s talking from somewhere off-screen.
This is just rude

It’s like a waiter interupting and joining your discussion in a restaurant. Please stop this.


I haven’t heard the whole episode and I only listen to audio, so him being “off screen” is irrelevant. Usually Leo does quickly introduce him, when he speaks. And he usually only jumps in to correct some technical mistake. I’d rather him jump in to correct or provide a contra-opinion that brings stops the conversation going off the rails.

I get frustrated when a host makes a mistake and rambles on for 10 minutes about something they have misunderstood. Karsten often stops that happening, I’m glad he is there and that he can interrupt when it is necessary.


To quickly take on the role of Karsten here: It’s Karsten, not Carston.

:smiley: hides

I disagree: he’s like the chat, sort of: “Helloooo, there were face mask in that store I’ve been to!”

How very interesting! I am so glad Karsten was asked to join the conversation some tech journalists were having, and… – Oh, wait, he wasn’t invited and/or introduced! He’s the TD! - And what’s wrong with just sending Leo a silent message, or something, in case Leo is totally off?

There might be a reason why no other TD is doing this. Totally unprofessional behaviour.

(Edit: sorry for appearing to be all grumpy. This “karstening” on TWiT is pet peeve of mine, and it’s monday, and he did it again, and… :wink: )


Duly changed. I thought the spelling looked odd…

Fully understand - your disclaimer is excellent… :slight_smile:

Not to try and convince you of the opposite, but merely to share an alternative take: I take Karsten as somewhat of a sidekick to Leo in some shows. The voice from the off. Like an executive ghost that resides and can only be heard in the studio. Not to be taken personally, but sometimes his role reminds me of Geoff, the robot skeleton of the late Craig Ferguson late night show, Waldorf, Statler, and a fact-checker rolled into one. Especially since some co-hosts like Jeff Jarvis have a playful feud with him. Sure, his interjections are always a calculated crash - sometimes, the calculation works, some times it does not. But they make the shows less predictable, and that may be more exciting for those looking for entertainment.


I think Karsten chiming in is fine. As you said, correcting mistakes or supplying a different view for discussion when the panel is bogged down. He’s playing producer and TD. Maybe okay he’ll get a show off his own. Jason Howell started as a producer/TD for Buzz Out Loud back in the day, often offering opinions that contributed to the discussion.


A BOL-reference! That’s +5 points for style :smiley:

I understand what you’re saying @carbonga and @Pommster. But why not make him an actual part of the panel, then. Right now: he isn’t.

Also: no interupting other people, if possible? - Really. This should be a no-go, on air and off.
You invite people over to have a discussion, and have the TD interupting all the time, that’s just bad manners.

And it’s “Karsten”. - TIL! :slight_smile: Will correct previous references.

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Daniel Rubino’s take on MS was refreshing. Not fan-boy, but not all grumpy. Maybe he just has a different way of explaining things but Windows X makes a lot more sense to me.

And @Leo actually said he’s excited about Neo and Duo!!! “I want that. That’s purtie.” He never does that in front of Paul T.

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And here’s a pet peeve of mine. People who don’t use the correct “Reply” button so I have to go scrolling all over the place to see what the hell “BOL” is.

It’s a bit of a bug in Discourse. Sometimes the reference disappears when you post. I think it happens if you pause and it autosaves.

EDIT: Just did it to me. I went pack and quoted so the context is there.


For me personally I value/enjoy Karsten’s interjection in to the show and Leo normally introduces the new voice of Karsten for listeners. My personal area of irritation is people interrupting and talking over someone making their point or replying to a argument. I like hearing all sides of the discussion. Yes Jeff I am talking about you talking over Stacey :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for that…now I know who what to direct my peeve at. :slight_smile:

Since you brought that up. I Agree. Afraid to say though, the biggest offender, on all shows, is Leo. And lately he REALLY does it to @ant_pruitt on TWiG.

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If I understand what you mean then I don’t think it’s a bug, I think it’s a feature. If you quote from (or the entirety of) the previous post, it automatically removes it because that should be the assumption of any reader following the thread.

My suggestion is always to select just a small portion of the relevant post you want to refer to and click on the “Quote” bubble that will show up. You can do this multiple times even to quote from multiple different authors if you wish to consolidate a post.

If you do a reply, to a post, it should reference the post with an icon, but if I pause a bit and let it auto save it loses the reference so unless I quote, you don’t know which post I am replying to even though I have tapped the “correct” reply button.

This is a valid opinion, but I have to respectfully take a different perspective. @karsten contributes to the discussion and helps provide correction when necessary. As others have said - sometimes a speaker will go on with an incorrect point for a while, and Karsten manages to step in and correct the point so that misinformation is not inadvertently presented as fact.

On the whole - I’d rather have his interjections than not.


I found Alex Wilhelm to be amusing in his ‘what have you done for me lately’ approach to Apple. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m not fortunate enough to have an employer who provides me a thousand-dollar phone (on top of already owning a thousand-dollar phone). And I definitely don’t have the financial resources to buy a multi-thousand dollar Apple laptop and a portable keyboard to replace the poor keyboard in my multi-thousand dollar laptop. That’s $3500+ worth of equipment and he fell asleep at an unboxing of his phone.

Maybe part of the problem is that he thought nothing of buying a portable keyboard for his laptop, when he should have just replaced the d**n laptop to begin with.

The MacBooks have had this keyboard issue for 4 1/2 years, and people like Alex didn’t stop buying Apple stuff - they just bought more Apple stuff to make the Apple stuff they already bought actually work.

Maybe instead of tech-as-fashion, a novel idea would be to buy tech-that-works.

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We get a base level iPhone 6 as a company phone at the moment. If we want anything newer/better, we have to pay the difference ourselves.

Edit: Just looked, I would have to pay an additional $826 to get an iPhone 11 Pro Max, or $435 for plain iPhone 11 (both 64GB models). And that for 2 years of phone rental!