TWIG 618: Looks Like I'm Walkin'

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Leo and Jeff - stop talking about being “old”. As a listener who has a few years on each of you, you are not old. You don’t have the afflictions of age. You have jobs you love, what appears to be good health, loving families and friends. You are not scrimping by on Social Security. Think about the 82 year old woman going to space with Jeff Bezos. Is she old? If you really feel old, start a new podcast- This Week in Aging.


Interesting, a survey in Germany of employees showed that only around 30% are happy to continue using video conferencing going forward.


Yeah you’re right. Sometimes we take self-deprecation a little far.


This episode sounded like you were the Statler and Waldorf of tech. I was kind of reminded of their habit of starting out in opposite camps, then arguing each other into a 180 degree reversal. :smiley:

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