TWIG 541: Translucentized!

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As always I really enjoyed the discussion and continue to love to disagree on most perspectives with Jeff (while always learning an interesting and distinctive vantage point, feel a bit like Stacey might), but the “out-geezering” this time got a bit out of hand. Age should not play so much of a role in discussions, in my opinion. If arguments on more advanced age are applied to trump a discussion, something feels out of balance. That said: you’re creating awesomely informative content, very well packaged - thank you very much for it!


TWIG is my favorite show, with MBW a close second. The dynamic of Stacey, Leo, and Jeff is a good balance for me. But take out Leo or Stacey, and Jeff does seem to take over, as I think happened in this week’s podcast. I enjoyed the topic, but I can see how it went south for many listeners/viewers.

Honestly, there are times I just wish they could talk about using Google. Like, how do I delete a photo on my Google Photos without it also deleting it from Apple Photos… :thinking: