TWIG 607: Let's Go to the Terminal

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On a couple of occasions this past week or so I’ve heard mention of the possible Pixel 5a 5G. While I realize that it’s all a guessing game right now why would it have 5G in its name when the current Pixel 5 has 5G. I have the Pixel 4a with 5G and 5G was added to the Pixel 4a, so adding 5G to the name kinda makes sense (if not making for a odd sounding name) though 5G wasn’t the only or even best change.

Not that logic comes into play when it comes to product names.

Just may take on the whole thing.

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FYI, our HDMI->SDI mini converter only works with 48khz audio bitrates (instead of the default 44.1Khz). This has been a minor issue with Linux since the Brick House Studio. The fix is simple though:

sudo nano /etc/pulse/default.conf

create a line that reads

default-sample-rate = 48000

save then

pulseaudio --kill
pulseaudio --start

and bob’s your uncle


Please put this terminal segment in the best of episode at the end of the year. I could not stop laughing!


I think they’ll want 5G in the name until 5G is much more common and expected. If they were to take it out, people might assume they took the 5G capability out.


You’ve mentioned matrix before as a discord alternative. Have you looked into bridges to set up a one stop shop for messaging?

open source :white_check_mark:
self hosted :white_check_mark:

I haven’t done it myself but it’s on the list of things to try.

Also since you guys talk about home automation often, I think Home Assistant would solve at least some of the issues discussed.

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Is this what Android Heads Up! is suppose to prevent.


same here. I am STILL laughing at it :laughing:

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@ant_pruitt re: TikTok algorithm

I recommend using Long Press > Not Interested liberally, as well as hearting content you do like. The starting content can be a little rough, but since each video is 10-15s, you can hypertune your algorithm within an hour or two of use if you give it the right signals.

At this point it’s insane how hyperspecific my algorithm has gotten, I get like Hamilton-Coding jokes, content about niche video games I play, and lots lots of cats. I don’t think I’ve seen a single “half-naked girl dancing” video in months, and when I do, it’s generally a meta joke that is definitely in my wheelhouse.


THX for this. Yeah I’m trying to “heart” more things. It’s taking some time and slowly beating down my patience. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I hate that when you start the app it jumps right in showing you stuff instead.

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