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I have considered buying Sono’s after the announcement that they are basically bricking old devices has made me change my mind. Building a brand new house, and Sono’s will most not be the main force through out the home.


Just listened to the preview of your trip to Europe, @Leo . I realise this is your vacation - however, if you are up for meeting listeners in Munich, I’d be happy to help coordinate. Thanks for an interesting show! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know. If I knew I could get 7 or 8 years out of it-- and I was looking for multi-room audio-- I might bite. My current TV is about 9 years old, but I don’t think I have anything else that is internet-enabled that will be in use for so long.

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Leo used the term; for reference:

Hi all,
I am re-listening to the show. On my Aftershock Air earphones. The answer to the Sonos speak and similar speakers of this type, including TV; is to have multiple devices such as a Google assistant device a plain dumb speaker, etc. the problem with this is that people want small devices that do more. All in one devices. I agree that I don’t want a TV to have any smarts except great upscaling. And I like the dongle idea. I can replace the dongle but don’t have to replace the whole TV. I got the $35 Google device that connected to a dumb speaker. Can’t remember what they called it. I never understand what to use it for until now.

I’ve never understood Jeff’s complete hatred for Digital Wellbeing. It seems like he refuses to realize that it’s simply a tool and not something being forced on anyone.

Jeff, do you also get angry at treadmills and scales? Do people having tools to help them lose weight and track their progress in any shape or form mean that you are also obligated to lose weight?

How is this any different? Just because such tools exists for people who want to make a specific type of change in their life does not mean it is a “nanny state”. No one is being forced to do anything. Just like someone on diet can easily cheat and eat cake every day, there’s nothing stopping you from using your phone as much as you want. At the end of the day, these tools are there to assist, not to control you.


@gigastacey mentioned she had just introduced her daughter to the Monty Python “Ministry of Silly Walks” sketch. Obscure fact: John Cleese got inspiration for some of the steps from Al “Rubberlegs” Norman - see this clip from a 1930 film:

Or if you want a full-on crazy Hollywood version, you can see him briefly in the middle of this clip:

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Re: New Google Chat app

yawn This “Google Chat App” meme is so tired and stopped being funny a long time ago. Sites like AP use it to peddle misinformation, knowing full well that the meme will get a lot of clicks. This to me sounds like like they are integrating the new Hangout Chat into Gmail, just like the old Hangout was integrated into Gmail. Similarly, Calendar and Keep are already available in the sidebar of Gmail, and they’re probably also adding Drive.

To call this a new “App” is just plain silly and non-sense. But it’s what gets the click these days…