TWIG 589: 46 States and Guam

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I’ve only just started watching the episode but the new theme music kinda freaked me out :joy:

So used to the old one.

Yeah, that is the theme song from Triangulation. I can only hope this was an error and they’ll bring back the correct music next week.

It was an experiment. People wanted something more hefty. I think we’ll go back to wimpy next week.


Well I liked it :man_shrugging:

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Should we keep the new TWiG Theme Song?
  • Keep the drums
  • Bring back the flutes
  • What theme?

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Come on man, that’s Handel! I think it sets the tone for high-minded discourse. I’m reminded of Firing Line every time TWiG starts.

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Handel is fine for a quiet discussion in a library, about fine wines… But this is about tech news. It just doesn’t seem to fit, IMHO.

I chose the third option :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have an opinion either way.

Haha, hadn’t even noticed the change. Goes to show - my ears must just tune out!

Jeff made me mad again… Well, there’s a surprise!

People give Facebook their information? No! They don’t have my permission to follow me or use my information, but they still gather the so-called shadow-profile on me whenever I go somewhere on the web. Under GDPR that is opt-in. Without me opting in, they aren’t allowed to gather that information, yet I have yet to see a notice from Facebook on any site I visit, asking if it is okay to collect my data!

Yes, Jeff, I know, none of the other tracking companies do it either, but two wrongs don’t make a right.


Another vote for the flutes. It had such a lovely dapper style to it that it lends much attitude to the show. It’s not so super duper breaking news serious as the drums. Worth a try, but I thought the sound was broken and the beginning. Please do bring the flutes back.

As per Facebook, it was interesting to hear Jeff become rather quiet on the anti trust initiative at the beginning. And yes: there is such a thing as being too successful and that being a problem in and by itself in a market. No, it’s not unfair or unamerican to regulate corporations based on their success. The performance of the many outweigh the power grab of the individual giant company. Broad competitiveness is what keeps an economy resilient. Not gigantic monocultures. That fosters economic illness.

Specially in the tech domain, where the US is a mature, leading supplier, fostering competitiveness instead of centralisation is a good choice of action. Otherwise, the industry will start rotting from within its few giants. In another industry where the US would have catching up to do, the story would be different, in my opinion.


It’s not wimpy vs hefty, in my mind. It’s differentiated and memorable vs slightly too generic news drums. One might not like the flutes, but most will remember the flutes.

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@Leo I like Jeff and respect him but I had to laugh when he said black Twitter is a space of language that’s built in the public but in a sense hidden in that way. No! It’s public! Twitter is a public broadcast medium built around followers and following. Facebook is primarily for private sharing with friends and family, and secondarily with local and shared interest communities. Anyone who uses both can tell you they’re different.


I found this:

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Realistically, that Huawei situation is complicated because id the Chinese government “asks” them to to something they have to do it and can’t say no because the Chinese government is an authoritarian regime. I’m not defending their actions but it’s not their choice most likely.

The same is true of the US Government and any company with a US presence. If they are handed a court order, a National Security Letter (here, they can’t even inform their lawyers or the affected persons), or a warrant under the CLOUD Act (direct access to servers outside US jurisdiction).

As a non-American, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference, whether it is the Chinese Government or the US Government pulling the strings. If I am going to be spied upon, I want to have to pay the minimum possible for the privilege!

What’s going on with the audio for this episode? I’m hearing this strange, soft fuzzing noise in the background that seems constant.

I don’t remember an specific issues with this episode

It’s very faint. Honestly the only reason I noticed at all is because my podcast app, which normally can trim a lot of silence from TWiT episodes, isn’t trimming anything. #firstworldproblems