TWIG 570: Four CEOs Walk Into a Zoom Meeting

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Very good episode this week.

I listened to it on Apple Podcast and noticed at 1:58-2:00 right after the Woz story a commercial was inserted into the podcast (NOT A TWIT AD). Really strange. Never had that happen before. Did anyone else notice that?

This has been discussed before. TWiT needs advertising, and on select shows (for now) that don’t have their full compliment of ads, they are using a service to insert ads as you download the podcast.


Not getting them on PocketCasts in Europe. Possibly Megaphone has no European advertisers appropriate to the show?

Or is this if you are streaming? I listen to them on the way to work or out walking the dog, so lots of not-spots, so I always download the podcasts, I don’t stream them.

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What was the fancy two letter phrase that Stacey said that Jeff was surprised to learn? I’m going to start using it IRL, as soon as I remember what it was.

“Forcing function”? Not two letters but that’s what I recall.

Right you are, I meant two words. Thanks!

This episode’s conversation about being in the office or not really hits home with me. I work for a large company core IT shop (>60,000 employees globally), we started working at home in mid March full time. I do NOT miss the open floor plan office, not even a little bit.
There’s a big difference between smaller companies like Ant was mentioning is productive in the office of Twit, vs teams that are the size of Twit, but working with dozens of other teams during a day. We have been as productive, possibly even more so. Remember that these companies usually have staff scattered around the globe, and contract labor that don’t sit in the same office ever.
Ant mentioned agile as something that was happening as he was leaving corporate IT. We fully embraced it 2 years ago and I find that it really enables me to do work, the list of things that need to be done is right there in software for you at all times.
The Siemens policy has it right, measure results not hours with butts in chairs.
I have had a manager in the past who would show up from time to time at 8:00 and act annoyed if you wandered in at 8:15. If you are going to do that, don’t get between me and the door at 5:00, that axe cuts both ways or it’s time for a new job.


My first programming job was with Siemens. We were writing in assembly code back then since the higher level languages weren’t fast enough for telecom switches.


Every time I turn around, Apple and Amazon are making my life better. I don’t care how big they get. I’m happy every time I hear either of them is getting into something new.

After listening to TWIG and quantum entanglement computing I look forward to saying goodbye to ransomware and hello to observedware!