Love TWIG - but more Google please!

I love listening to TWiG, but I want more Google please!

I sometimes don’t think you realise how much there is to talk about. We are a G-suite company at my workplace, and the amount of change is immense, and then there’s all the integrations with different technologies - recently I’ve been working with Appmaker, BigQuery and Looker (Google takeover imminent) - the very brief changes log doesn’t remotely touch on the immensity of the Google Cloud platform, and all that it offers.

Keep up the good work guys, but please consider my suggestion.


I see it as another episode of TwiT every week.


I agree, I wish there was more Google discussion than there is. It is one show i find myself skipping through to find things I want to listen to.
It has devolved into This Week in Rant against Facebook or This Week in Rant about Privacy.

Too much is missed about what is happening with Google.

I was hoping it would be something more like Windows Weekly which it felt like in the start but has changed so much.

Perhaps we could get a This Week Jeff and Leo Rant and leave TWIG to Google stuff


Agree. I used to have this one in my weekly auto-subscription but quit a couple of years back for the same reasons. Twit has the politics and general tech landscape / privacy stuff covered. I liked Twig for the google-specific technology coverage, which has fallen off. The company is doing so much that I need a place to turn to keep up with it. Windows weekly is an example of a good format.


I also agree, being subscribed to All About Android and TWiT, with TWiG I ended up listening to the same stories over again and I just didn’t want to spend a whole day of commute on something I’ve already read/listened to that week.

It’s good but it ends up being redundant. For me at least.


TBH I don’t care that much, the hosts are different enough to spark different reactions and thoughts, however; a little bit more Google would be amazing

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TWiG now seems more like TWiT2. And poor @gigastacey is constantly interrupted by @Leo and @JeffJarvis because she’s polite just like @ant_pruitt is and lets them get away with it so her thoughtful and well-reasoned points of view often don’t get fully elucidated.

Having said that, the network successfully supports shows about Microsoft, FLOSS, Android, and two shows about Apple. The two Apple-related shows make it clear to me that TWiT could support both AAA and something like This Week in Alphabet.

And then, if Leo, Jeff, and a guest of the week want to have more open-ended conversations on any topic, let them. Make it an audio-only show to keep the cost down and allow TWiA to take over from TWiG.


I’m confused. What would be the difference between Google and Alphabet?

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With better guests, though.


@godfrey ~ Alphabet is the holdings company that owns Google etc.

Like AAA the Alphabet show would have to be ABC - ‘Alphabet Based Conversation’ :wink:

Catie L.


I was just going to say the opposite, lol. Can’t stand Jeff’s constant ranting and the lack of other voices with different perspectives. Prefer TWiT any day to TWiG.


Someone (maybe Leo?) suggested that TWiG should be re-named This Week in Tech Journalism, which would be a better reflection of what’s covered. In any case, Jeff Jarvis ruins the show for me…other than politics, I rarely agree with anything he says, esp. re: big tech and his “techno panic” schtick. (Which wouldn’t be a problem in itself, if he wasn’t always ranting and interrupting everybody.) As it is, I can barely stand to watch, so most weeks I just skip it. TWiT is a much better, more diverse show.


I would love a show that would help me manage my G Suite account. It drives me so batty.


TWiGS. This Week in Google Suite? :wink:


Here’s my suggestion:

@leo @JeffJarvis and Mathew Ingram do This Week in Tech Journo
@mikahsargent @gigastacey and Kevin Tofel (sp?) combine their efforts for a This Week in IOT
@ant_pruitt @JasonHowell and Kevin Tofel do TWiG
I’d watch all three


That’s not a bad suggestion. I personally hate IOT, but with that line-up, I’d be inclined to watch just to stay up on the latest developments. Still like the idea of a Google suite (TWiGS) show. Everyone I know needs help!

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I agree wholeheartedly. The main reason I like TWIT and other tech podcasts is for information about tech, internet, software, and the such. I cannot stand the politics blasting into every single show and topic tat could be done without it. I barely have listed to a full TWiG in the last year do to the constant political bashing.


TWiG is the show I want to hear the most after TWiT because it deals with “big ideas” which are, broadly, more interesting than the minutiae of something like MacBreak Weekly where it’s about new gadget news or speculation on future products/updates. I think this is mostly because of the interaction of Leo and Jeff. I love that @JeffJarvis brings in the bigger picture/academic thinking and @gigastacey brings in the hard-nosed reportage and @Leo is there for “color commentary” and keeping the discussion active. There used to be a more regular 4th-host/guest to bring in a different dynamic or viewpoint that I enjoyed which seems to have died a way a bit, but I love the existing dynamic between hosts. I’ve heard Leo say many, many times how the show isn’t really about Google but more about “The Cloud” in a larger socio-cultural sense and just got stuck with the name early on (much like the theme song). I think maybe there’s an opportunity somewhere for a better, more descriptive name, but, as far as the show goes, I think it’s great. As I get older, the day-to-day, week-to-week tech news and gadget rumors are much less interesting than the broader social, cultural, and political implications. If what you want is more talk about Google Cloud as a product, I think TWiET is where you should look. TWiG is “all about Google” in name only.


So well expressed! That’s what I’ve been thinking but didn’t have the words.


Exactly. Endless gadget talk is mindless and boring. (Except when it was on The New Screen Savers – RIP – then it was one of the highlights of my weekend.) And there is plenty of air time given to gadgets, software, etc. on AAA, MBW, IOST, and almost all of the other shows. Please let TWiT, TWiG, TNW, and Triangulation do their own thing.

Also – once again, for those in the back – there is no divorcing tech from the social, political, and cultural. Sorry, but we just don’t live in that world anymore.You can’t discuss one in any depth without addressing the others. They’re not even entangled anymore, they’re literally one and the same.