TWIG 556: Internet Pretzels

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Onkel Leo: “Do you have a Chair Jeff?” :joy: ← Give this man a LateNightShow

YouTubes Music has a extremely primitive Playlist management and its shared with the YT video playlist.
No Folders, no sort, no #, no groups no nadda.
It lacks a Windows Native App and running it in a Browser or PWA eats up alot of RAM.
Their recommendations are getting better. The advante is that you only have to pay one monthly fee,
and get YouTube “AdFree” and YouTube has Music that other Streaming Service has (from
Home Producer and Unknown Artists)

Will asking for transparency how our data is used, not end in the same dillema we have with the Terms of Service?
Endless pages only a handfull willn unserstand that change every 3 month?
It will end the same way as the “Do you accept cookies” popups. Klick and ranting about this (CENSOR)