TV OS - Single Sign-on Sucks

I have xfinity and have entered the proper credentials in my apple tv settings for single sign on, but still have to perpetually keep activating my apps associated with tv channels associated with my xfinity monthly subscription.

I thought single sign on was supposed to eliminate this issue? Anyone else having this difficulty? Solutions? Thanks.

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I have the same problem with DirecTV. About every two weeks I have to re-enter the password for the I have tried deleting the Disney App, deleted my SSO and re-added everything back and it still pop up asking for a password.

From what I understand, that has more to do with Xfinity’s limitations and unwillingness to cooperate than a problem with Apple TV.

I’ve had a feeling all along that xfinity probably is the problem here. Dealing with this issue every couple weeks is a huge pain in the ass.