Apple TV+ who’s watching and or subscribing/ free year with purchased devices

  • Watching Apple TV+
  • Watched everything already
  • I’ll get to it next year

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That’s me. I’m into my Google Chromecast and Amazon Prime Video but not Apple TV +.


I’m going to try it since it 1 year came free with my new iPhone 11
Just got a notification confirming that.

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Not interesting enough to me yet.


YouTube TV for me and Disney+ (come Nov), combined with Amazon Prime and Netflix, I think I am spent on entertainment services. :slight_smile:

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I am trying to set up my family member to watch my Apple TV+. I have had him sharing my TV, movie, and music purchases for a while.

I am having slow bandwidth so I can’t see his screen. Does anyone have step by step guide to open and watch a family subscription of TV+ on the desktop app. He always has trouble even getting into my TV and Movie purchases on the mac. I am not sure what he is going to see when he is trying to watch TV+.

I have tried to search for instructions on how to use the TV app on desktop, and all I get is how to set up family sharing (done) and how to use it myself. I have already learned from sharing purchases, he has to jump through a few more hoops.

just received a note that since I bought my new iPad I get a free year subscription . Other than Snoopy in Space nothing looks interesting


I have a cap of 250 GB a month. That has put me off of streaming as my MAIN source of tv input…

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Ouch! I guess I had better stop carping about the internet in the places I am living.

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I figured this one out, so no need for help.

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Apple offered the free 1year trial for just about every product they make except the one I bought this year…the new Apple Watch!

If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all! :confused:

Watched a few minutes of The Morning Show but the F-bombs quickly became overwhelming for my taste. Also tried a few minutes of Oprah and quickly became uninterested with her opening remarks. Will continue exploring what Apple TV+ has to offer - 1-year free is great offer. Dickinson is promising especially since Bos from Halt and Catch Fire plays the dad.

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I decided some time ago to only watch downloaded content unless I can control the quality to conserve bandwidth. So for movies & TV, I download to a device & Chromecast it. If I can ever get gigabit Internet here, maybe it won’t matter anymore. Of course I know this is an Apple centric thread, so I’m just assuming that Airplay works as Chromecast does.

I just binged The Morning Show. I love it. Hooked.

I caved and bought a Fire Stick to watch Apple TV+. I haven’t bought an Apple device recently so have got the 7 day trial. I’m watching For All Mankind. Picture is great on the Fire Stick (1080p).

I have amazon prime and used to have Netflix as well, compared to those two, Apple TV catalogue is extremely poor. Unless they expand it, this service won’t go anywhere. I hope they do. Apple has shown that they can invest in a new project over the years.

Hi think that is why the vast majority of the subs are free with new devices right now. I can’t fault the quality of the production here though. I have Prime (no brainer A$59 for the year) and Disney Plus right now, but might pause now that The Mandalorian has finished.

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There’s too much to catch up at the moment. Amazon Prime content and Disney+ for me at the moment.

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Wow, I just noticed The Morning Show is called Morning Wars here in Australia and I’m nine episodes in.

There is already a site called The Morning Show in Australia, a weekday morning talk show.

I’ve watched “The Morning Show,” “Servant,” & “For All Mankind” so far. Production quality is excellent. Morning show got better with each episode. Season finale was superb. Mankind is excellent, Servant is, well, M. Night, so it’s strange, but somewhat compelling.
Read an article about Apple not promoting their shows very well. The author thought Apple’s secrecy about their devices may have bled over into the TV+. I thought Mankind should have gotten more recognition, but you hardly ever hear anything about it.
I believe they will have to continue giving this away free with purchase of an Apple product for another year or so. Just not enough content to compel most people to pay $5 a month.