Problems on Apple TV

Is there a problem with the TV on Apple TV? Mine hasn’t worked that past few days. Also, I deleted and re-installed the app…should it as for my Apple ID??? Also: ATV says it can’t open because the servers certificate has expired or may be suspect…(?).

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Watching my AppleTV right now. Do you have any whole house security running? A VPN on your router, say?

Which TV app are you having problem with?

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Thanks for getting back to me…!
No whole house security or VPN on my (Apple) router.
I have the Channel Twit app which I’ve used for years.
Code Monkey Labs LLC
Version 1.2.4 released Sept. 9, 2016…which is what the ATV App Store has…
Requires tvOS 9.2 or later…I have tvOS 16.6 (20M73)…latest update…ATV Model A2160 (64GB)
Other day when I deleted my original and re-downloaded (I’ll do it again): Delete…re-download…Open:
I get the spinning cursor / gear icon for ‘Live’ and ‘Shows’…and ‘Episodes’…
Trying to make it allow me to log in again; Here’s what I get…

" A problem occurred while playing this video . Please try again later or select a different video.
The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be " channel " which could put your confidential information at risk.
When I hit the ‘OK’ to get out…more spinning.
Note that ALL of my other ATV applications (Max; Amazon Prime; Netflix etc work just fine.
Any suggestions??? Malware on my end? (Got a ‘mphish’ which I mistakenly opened on my iPad a few days ago but don’t see how that would 'jump to the ATV. Trying to get back to where it asked me to 'log in and use my Apple ID …

Deleted app again…shut off ATV and removed power. Redownloaded app…no change.
Going thru my other apps and can’t find one which doesn’t work!

Wonder why on the ATV in Settings under ‘Apps’ it shows some apps but not all that are on the ATV main screen? Don’t see TWiT listed in ‘Apps’ under settings but don’t see ‘Max’ or 'Amazon Prime ’ or many of the others I have either…just an observation.

Is there a current Twit app for Apple TV? @PDelahanty

There is no official TWiT app for Apple TV. The Channel TWiT app that Blockback3 is describing was fan-created by Code Monkey Labs. Any issues with that app would need to be addressed by them.

I did create some apps for individual TWiT shows (Security Now, FLOSS, TNW, Triangulation, HOT, and HOP). You can find those apps here: ‎Patrick Delahanty - Apple TV

At the time, I was planning to do apps for each show (thinking that people searching the store for specific topics might discover the shows that way), but then Apple rejected my iOS Today app because it had the word “iOS”…which made me realize that they’d also reject most of our other shows for mentioning Mac, Windows, Android, or Google. (They also rejected my TWiT Stickers for Messages because a sticker for All About Android was visible in the screenshot…but at least that was an easy fix.) I may make a full TWiT app someday (and have been giving it a lot of thought), but between Drupal upgrades and other behind-the-scenes work, I haven’t had time.

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It’s no longer a problem for Android :wink:

Thanks for the info…I had ‘assumed’ that the app on the Apple site was from TWi’T. Guess the age of the app (2016) and that it was sort of an ad-hoc/consortium affair may explain its demise??? Anyway, I did get to use it for years…surly I’m not the only one that has been using this app? Anyone still using a (working) version of it…?

Hey Leo I replied to you yesterday but not sure if you got it…it’s posted below (or above that is…).

No. I’m still having the same issue.

What issue? The TWiT app on Apple TV is not an official app from TWiT. You would need to contact the person that wrote it.

We pretty much abandoned the idea of creating custom apps for the multitude of platforms after spending $80K for an iOS/Android app that was so bad we never released it.

Fortunately that’s proven moot thanks to the YouTube app. That’s why each show has its own YouTube channel, so you can watch and subscribe. We recommend you avoid third-party TWiT apps and use YouTube instead.


Thanks for the info Leo. Will utilize YouTube for now on. Sorry about the 80K!

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You’re not the only one who was using Channel Twit app on AppleTV. I was using it until recently, when it broke exactly as you described. It was the only app that acted like a “Twit DVR” and I miss it.

Yes, the shows are on YouTube, but the youtube app sucks, I can’t handle their app, and I don’t believe it acts like a DVR, as in saving your place, etc.

Since the breakage I’ve been using the iOS “Downcast” app and AirPlay it from my iPad to the AppleTV. It works, but isn’t ideal.

So we’re in the same boat. I’ve switched over to the ‘Twit onTV’ app which is ok…gives most of the functionality of the old app…You may want to give it a try.

If you’re signed in and you have watch history enabled, YouTube does remember the last place you’ve watched in a single video.

I have the Twit On TV app, but it doesn’t even seem to allow positioning the cursor on the timeline. When you try to go to another position on the timeline as you’re viewing a show, it just reverts back to the original position.

Ahh, OK, makes sense. I never sign in to Google, so that’s why I noticed that.