TTG 1799 for Sunday 23 May 2021

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Re: Dr. Mom on Ring Mailbox Sensor.

Dr. M. said she isn’t getting a Mailbox Sensor because her box is metal and covered with sod (or maybe cod?) And down the block.

The sensor has an an antennae that can go on the outside of the mailbox.

And mine is 130’ and has a building between it and my Ring Bridge, and works great with Sidewalk off. With Sidewalk on it could probably be in another country.

I love not getting my mail stolen anymore, and walking to he mailbox once per delivery.

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Hi Leo, On your show you had a caller who couldn’t update his $300 HP tablet that has 32gb storage. You said that it was not possible, but actually it IS.
I have been using a dual boot 32gb Chinese tablet that came with Windows 8 on a 20 gb partition AND Android on the remaining 12 gb partition. It has an Atom processor so it is slow, especially compared to today’s processors.
But I have updated it over the years first to Windows 8.1 and now it is running with the latest release of Windows 10. Android of course cannot be updated for reasons you know.
The Windows Update program is intelligent enough to recognise that I do not have sufficient space for the Installation files and the OS and other apps I have installed.
If you have an SD card slot (and almost all non Apple tablets have this) then Windows update will see that and tell you that you don’t have sufficient space to update and suggest inserting a SD card.
This happens to me whenever there is a major update to Win10. I simply wait for that message, insert a SD card of just 8GB and away goes the update. If I can update in 20GB the surely others with 32gb can do so as well?
So please correct your website so other tablet users can benefit from this.
Cheers and know I have been following your videos even before Twit.

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I’m glad that worked for your Chinese tablet. The Stream is notorious for not working with Windows Update. However, that SD card trick is neat. I’ll recommend that next time!

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