TTG 1911 for Saturday 16 July 2022

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Mikah, you were absolutely outstanding!!

I would have been so nervous, but you kept your cool and answered everyone’s questions.

One small thing, I would try to avoid answering another call when there are only a couple minutes left in the segment, the radio listeners will not be able to hear the full answer. Leo tries to keep it to one call per segment unless it’s a super quick answer.

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BMW charging a subscription for its heated seats has got a lot of press over here. As always, not as it’s being reported if you look into it.

Turns out all BMWs are now built with various features built in, irrespective of if you spec them when you purchase the car or not.

So now BMW is offering you the option of turning those features on retrospectively. Either a single payment or a monthly charge. Remember many of these cars are leased, so a monthly payment prob suits many people.

Currently available in their store are heated seats/steering wheel, auto high-beams, active cruise and adaptive suspension.

What happens with the switchgear though :thinking: Normally you don’t get the switch - guess it’s all in the touch screen now.

There’s maybe a BIK tax aspect too for company car drivers, as that’s based on the purchase price of the car.

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A caller on Saturday mentioned that he was glad the shows transcripts were up again, am I missing where those are or was that caller wrong? I know that the links are on the main episode page, but have not seen any transcripts. Anybody know?

They are there on the show page, they normally take a couple of days to appear.

Oh now I remember seeing them before. When they first appeared they were really hard to read, kind of like everything ran together or something (thinking was automated or something), they are much easier to read now.

They’re automated transcriptions, but we have a human go through and clean them up. Glad you like them. Feedback, pro and con, is always welcome!

That must be quite a job. I transcribed a 20-minute call yesterday with Google Live Transcribe, then manually tidied it up, removed all the ‘ummms’, ‘you know’ etc. and it took ages.

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I used to have to do that, but translate it into a different language in the process… That is really hard! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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