TTG 1850 for Sunday 5 December 2021

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The Tech Guy Labs page for this episode: Episode 1850 | The Tech Guy

I am confused, are there show notes or a transcript? I click where it says to and I get Leo’s salad. I realize this is free. Just trying to navigate it.

The [now] old Tech Guy Labs site is gone. All the old links to it are now invalid. Your best choice is to click on the link in the first post (such as, for this episode, this one Sunday, December 5, 2021 .) This is called the show page, and one gets created when each show is published. As the layout and format of the show has changed (it used to refer to the old site which is removed) there is no info on the old shows that reflects what used to be available. For new shows, since the start of 2022, there will be show links and, after a bit of time from the publication time, there should be an “AI” created transcript available too.

Any idea where can we find the Youtube links to the music that is played? I used those all the time to hear the music that was played with the show.

Or do you think those are gone never to return? I find the show notes in general not very useful anymore, hopefully, it will get better.

I’m unfamiliar with this [presumed past] feature, so I don’t have an answer. If it’s not on the show page, I presume it’s no longer a feature on offer, and was probably something added/managed by James (the guy who used to manage the data entry and summaries on the old site.)

Lady Laura used to send the songs to James. Not sure what the current plan is for that.

The links to the songs played are still in the show notes.

Thanks, i heard you mention it (last week i think), i must have been checking to soon and then never checked later.