TTG 1897 for Saturday 28 May 2022

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Am I the only one that can’t download the audio version of the podcast for either of this weekend’s shows? Won’t work on my podcast app on my phone or directly from the website. It’s like the files are not there for download? ID

It works for me going through the web site. It generates a URL that looks like Have you ever downloaded files via megaphone before? It may be that something in your network is configured to block it, or one of the other sites that TWiT uses for download counting/tracking or ad insertion.

Not sure what happened,but the downloads seem to be working today. :smiley:

Megaphone was broken for a few hours due to a lapsed certificate. You might have hit it in that window!

I have the Outlaw receiver Scott was referring to, and it is excellent. I use it for vinyl specifically and the Phono DAC is wonderful. It has Bluetooth and WiFi steaming capabilities. And so much more! I cannot recommend this receiver enough.

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