TTG 1790 for Saturday 24 April 2021

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Great show as always, I always learn something. You have had people asking about Starlink internet. We just got it in March. We live in central Kansas and were on the end of a DSL line with speeds of only 10MB down so Starlink has been fabulous for us. We are only paying 4 dollars more per month than we were for the DSL so with the increase in speed, it has been quite worthwhile. Because of the Starlink and the speed we are able to switch to streaming TV and will be able to save at least 100 dollars a month so the equipment will have paid for itself in no longer than 5 months. We do have outages of a few seconds every now and then but as more satellites are launched that will improve and it really hasn’t caused any problems so far. For the streaming TV the picture just loses quality for a few moments. We do not work from home so that isn’t a factor. Just thought you might like some input from a user. Our average download speed is at least 170MB.


Most people download mostly all the time, so download speeds are most important, but I am curious if you have anything to report about upload speeds?

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Wow that’s actually very fast. I’m so glad it’s working well for you, and with newer satellites in even closer orbits, I think it’s safe to say Starlink is living up to its promise.

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Sorry @PHolder I meant to put that in there as well. About 30MB avg which was much better than our 2 or 3 if we were lucky with DSL.

Thanks @Leo ! Yes, it will be a game changer and internet use changer for people like us with very slow speeds and little options or those with none at all which there are in my area. We had to give out hotspots to teachers when Covid shut everything down because some had no internet where they lived. Now some are switching to Starlink. I work for a school district and my husband is one of the Tech Managers, I am the Food Service Director.