A listener disagrees with Leo about rich white privilege

At 8 minutes into the show Leo said, “One thing we’ve learned in this world. You’re rich enough. You’re white enough. Doesn’t matter, you can do anything you want. Do anything you want.” This technology show would be better without this sort of racial dog whistle.

Don’t know why pointing out the truth upsets you so much, but it most certainly is true that the “old boys club” is misogynist, racist (or preferring of their own kind), hetro-normal, rich and white and very much fights any attempt to change that. That stats of CEOs and members of boards would clearly back this up. The concept of dog whistle is associated with politicians, by the way, and last I checked Leo is not a politician nor likely to become one.

I didn’t say I was upset. I said the show would be better without it. Leo uses a dog whistle and you defend it by saying he’s not a politician. I use a term and you call it a dog whistle, though I am not a politician nor likely am I to become one. You write, “dog-whistle issues such as immigration and crime,” as if no one has applied the term to race.

No, I am saying that the term implies someone has an agenda they are promoting… because that’s why politicians do it. I don’t think Leo is grinding any axe, I think he is acknowledging facts… rather than pretending the world is perfect for everyone.

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So Leo voicing an opinion is “not grinding any axe,” and is “acknowledging facts.” Those are convenient declarations. I’d like to see statistics about wealthy non-whites who don’t get to do things that others can (sort of borrowing Leo’s language). Exclude conservatives because we know they are targeted at every level.

Let me guess who is an old boy conservative? Are you capable of doing any more than indirection? Can you actually form a cogent argument? Or is the only thing you can do is stand around pointing at someone else and looking indignant?

Do you know anyone who lives their life as a minority? Talk to them about how they wonder if the reason they didn’t get the job they really wanted was because their parents are not white or because their last name is too minority sounding. As just a single example: I have a close friend who is Korean who, now in his 40s, grew up from pre-teen here in North America. He stayed in school getting more credentials than anyone could ever need because no one would even give him an interview. This is someone I know well, and I know he was over-qualified for a lot of the jobs he went after. When he finally gave in and legally changed his name, all of a sudden he started getting interviews, although he would still miss out on the jobs he really wanted.

The (frequently conservative) “old boys” have no idea what a real struggle for equality is like, they have literally everything handed to them without even having to make an effort.


There is no need for you to make insults. In your anger you make inaccurate assumptions about me. Sadly, I find that a common tactic.

Also, this heading “A listener disagrees with Leo about rich white privilege,” is not accurate. I commented only about the racial aspect detracting from the show.

You seem unwilling to actually discuss what you think, you’re all misdirection and trying to make it about you rather than your opinions or any reason why you think they’re supportable. Rather than whine about how misunderstood you are, please actually come back with an explanation why you think it’s okay for [conservative] white privilege to go unchallenged. Since I know you won’t or can’t, I think this “discussion” is doomed to pithiness and so should end.


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