TTG is bottoming out, may be time to revamp or move on?

I’m another tech enthusiast who’s been listening to Leo since ScreenSaver days. I’ve visited the studio twice with my family and he was nothing but nice. That said, the show is becoming harder and harder to make a daily piece of my podcast rotation. The intro “sermon” used to be uplifting, tech news oriented. Now it seems like Leo’s trying to be snarky and biting to keep up with other podcasts (“Hey, did you see that stupid thing Elon Musk said last week? What an idiot!”).

Weekly segments (Travel, Space, Home Theatre, Photography, GizWhiz, Cars) are fine IF the guest has something interesting to say. I’ll say this about Mssrs Marquardt, Wilkinson and Abuelsamid: they clearly prepare and organize for every appearance and give useful information. With Rod Pyle, the last few appearances have basically been “well, the SLS is rolling back to/from the pad” and then a mention of Space X which immediately sends Leo into another “Wait, don’t you agree that Elon Musk is an IDIOT???” rant. JFC, what’s the point? If you brought Pyle on to do space news, let him do space news, which means you have to hear about Elon Musk…

Same with Johnny Jet: his segment used to teach us a lot about properly using miles, how to deal with cancellations, things you could actually use. Now it almost sounds like they’re just replaying the same segment week after week. Johnny will tell us that TSA numbers last week show that travel is busier than ever… he’ll remind you to get to the airport early… be nice to the flight attendants (did he mention that he often brings them chocolates?)… then an update on his Dad’s medical condition annnnd that’s it(?!?) No matter how warm and funny Johnny can be, that’s a dull segment. It’s bad radio. My deal with TWIT is that I will listen to ads in exchange for useful programming. This is getting increasingly far away from that.

Bit by bit, the show is becoming “things that really tick off Leo Laporte, an older married guy in N. California”. I can get that show from my family for free. Uplifting tech help is what made the show great. Maybe get back to that?

I don’t speak for @Leo and he’s not my boss, but in case you haven’t noticed lately, there’s not a lot of good news to get happy about. I think maybe the issue is you’re frustrated with your life in some way and you’re taking it out on his content. If you’re not enjoying the content, maybe take a break and see how that feels? You’ll either move on, or decide you miss it and come back… The joy of podcasting is the content is usually kept around for later/longer term consumption, making it possible to skip for a while and then optionally catch back up.


Thanks for the comments. Sorry you’re so unhappy with the show. Unfortunately, my contract requires me to soldier on. Thank goodness we live in a world with nearly infinite content. I’m sure you can find something you like better.


TTG continues to be a high point in my very crowded listening week, and leaves me both entertained and informed. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just fine as it is.