Leo retiring from The Tech Guy radio show

There will probably be a more formal announcement on the TWiT Blog but if you listened to the The Tech Guy radio show today, you will have learned that, after 19 years, @Leo is retiring from doing the weekend radio show. This means a change for the radio listeners, as RichOnTech’s Rich DeMuro takes over for the radio listeners, doing a weekly show on Saturdays.

Leo has the intention to continue a new version of the existing show, but the call in’s won’t be via a phone–it will probably will be via Zoom. If you subscribe to the existing show’s feed, the new show will slot into the feed you already subscribe to.

Leo will continue the show as is until the last show of the year, just before Christmas (Dec 18th). Rich will start his new show in January (Jan 7th, 2023.)

Please join me in congratulating Leo for 19 years of great tech entertainment, and in congratulating Rich on a great new adventure.


All Good Things…

An excellent episode of TNG but a really sad moment for The Tech Guy.

19 years is pretty awesome though.

Thanks @Leo for all 19 years of TTG!!!


Thanks @pholder! You said it much more succinctly than I did.

I’m pretty excited about Ask the Tech Guy(s) which will take over the feed Jan 8. It’s Mikah and me and many of the TWiT regulars answering questions, doing interviews, and in general keeping the Tech Guy spirit alive but a bit geekier.

I’m also excited about getting Saturday off for the first time in 19 years!


19 years, what a run! Congrats Leo. Looking forward to the new format.


Leo, first off, a classy way to announce your retirement.
Though I gotta admit, it’s kinda sad. As the years go on, we lose some of the greats…

While I’ve only been watching you since the TechTV days, I’ve known of you for longer than that.

I got started listening to “tech shows” back in 1997, when I stumbled upon your original radio show, On Computers, though by that time hosted by Gina Smith with Nathan Garcia in the background. I stayed on as a listener when Nathan took the reins. I was an active member of that community, until Nathan had to give up doing the radio show. I was part of the “team” that took over from there making the show internet only, with “AlaskaJoe” leading the way. Of course, this was before podcasting was a thing. We were streamed on Yahoo Broadcast until they were forced to shutdown. At that point we just ran our own streaming services on a hosted server. We probably never had the listenership you have today. But we had fun. One of the highlights was when we had our annual get-together in 2001 (we called them Geek Meets) was getting you and John C Dvorak on the air for a chat. We kept going as best we could until 2010, when we dropped to a one hour show. Unfortunately, AlaskaJoe’s health started to go downhill, so we ultimately had to give up in April of 2011. The remaining members of the group always said we might get together and give it another go, but 12 years later and we haven’t.

So, with that all being said, while I’ll now have to look for something else to do on my Saturday’s, I look forward to what you and the team will put together on Sunday’s.


I thought Mikah was going to take over. Bummer. Will he be involved in the new show?

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Mikah will be involved in the Sunday podcast. The new radio show on Saturday’s belong to Rich. Rich might incorporate some of the features from Leo (Scott, Johnny Jet, Chris M, etc) but that’s up to him.

Kudos, @Leo, to everything you and the internal and external team have achieved! I am glad that you are only taking careful and small steps away from the microphone with ample of material still streaming from the source. My podcast app really feels like that fireplace that you guys keep stocking with wonderfully crackling logs. May it never end.

Also, the 900th was a great show - the “TWiT meets X” format seems like such a good idea to cross-pollinate and also explore new, quirky ways of doing things. 901 got me fully riled-up on the Theranos-case evaluations - but that’s why I like it: different opinions. Furthermore: WW with only the two of you is such old school fun, it’s wonderful.

Keep rocking. Best thing is: I know you will. All the best and congratulations! :slight_smile:

PS: Will Rich’s show also be played out as a podcast on the TWiT network? Suppose not, right?


Rich on Tech is owned by Premiere. I suspect they’ll make a podcast of it on iHeart Media. In fact, I imagine that’s part of their plan for world domination. :wink:

Honestly, not doing the radio show frees me up to do more with the TWiT community and shows. For the first time in my life I don’t have a day job. Maybe this podcast thing will work out after all.


Flying into LA on 18 December, hopefully can stay awake to listen to last radio show. End of an era personally. Living in outback Australia, never got to see the cable TV shows, but when in LA on a regular basis for work trips at TRW/Northrop Grumman, got to hear the Tech Guy on KFI. After retiring in 2006, and getting first iPod, The Tech Guy became the mainstay of my tech listening life. Always dreaded hearing of the day Leo would figure out there is a life after working weekends. Have to say there have been clues lately.

Some of us old geeks have come to depend on that voice, the advice, and the antics, to keep us in the know about the ever expanding tech world we helped create or have come to depend on. For me, it was the chance to learn about helping other older users, an introduction to social media, which honestly, did not work out, and once in a while to communicate with the Head TWIT directly, always in awe when he actually answered. This communities existence is an example of having some small input into the TWIT world.

Best of luck, Leo. Will follow TWIT’s progress forward. Kind of depending on it to succeed, because there really isn’t anything else out there like it. I plan on listening to Rich Demuro’s show, as he does a good job answering people’s questions, but he is not the entertainer you are.


Really looking forward to Ask the Tech Guy(s). :smiley:


So is that you do not get the gold watch for 20 years of work?


Will the domain techguylabs.com stay with TWiT?

As I understand it, the domain was always a TWiTs property… and will remain so. In essence the show was a TWiT production that was also aired on radio. It will no longer be aired on radio, but the show will continue to be produced in a more or less similar fashion.

I’m sure @Leo will correct me if I have misunderstood.

Yep. It forwards to The Tech Guy | Leo Laporte Q & A Tech Podcast | TWiT - I’m hoping that we’ll be able to move a significant number of radio listeners to the podcast. If they go to techguylabs.com they may, indeed, discover a whole world of TWiT!


@Leo, Happy New Year! Thank you for 19 years of the great tech show. I started listening to it when I discovered it in 2005.
I sincerely hope that perhaps Rich DeMuro will keep politics out of his tech show…

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