TTG 1645 for Sunday 17 Nov 2019

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I don’t know anything about the disk offline thing. I wonder if it marks the partition(s) inactive? In any case, I did find this from Googling:

I just finished this episode this morning.

At the end of the show, someone asked about Android Tablets…

The Google one is nice, but pricey.

And, Leo mentioned 2 others - the Acer and the HP Chrome tablets. Now, the specs on the Acer one are not that great.

But, I have the HP Chromebook X2 tablet - it is fantastic. I love it. I know there is a UK version of the same tablet that has 8GB of RAM - you see online comments about that non stop when you read the reviews (people claiming that the USA version does not have those specs).

But 4GB of RAM on a Chromebook is plenty. I like that the HP Chrome tablet already comes with the keyboard too - you do not have to buy it seperately, like you need to with the Google one.

Best Buy closed out the HP tablet unfortunately - I was able to get it for $399 at one point. But, Amazon and WalMart still have them for $467.

If someone asks about that again Leo - the HP tablet really is a great one. I think it did not sell well because all the ads and photos that HP has of it makes it look like a normal laptop. Until I stubled upon one in person, I never knew it came apart like a Microsoft Surface. I think if HP included photos showing this better, it may have sold online better.

I bought mine to use as a tablet 100% of the time. I do not even have the keyboard connected to mine. And, there is ONE nice case for it - it is sold on Amazon.

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Noted. I have the Envy X2 running Windows for Arm and it’s a pig, but it’s a very nice form factor. I’m sure it’s a perfect Chromebook. When I give lists like that they’re never exhaustive. It’s only a three hour show, after all. But Acer, Lenovo, and HP all make great Chromebooks.

Kevin Tofel recommends the Acer Chromebook Spin 13 as a good (if expensive) alternative to Google’s Pixelbook: Acer Chromebook Spin 13 review: Dethroning the Google Pixelbook